College Leave Rules

a) All applications addressed to the Principal, duly endorsed by the parent/guardian, should be submitted

before time

b) Leave for reasons other than illness MUST be applied BEFORE a student avails himself of it

c) Urgent piece of work is to be specified and clearly stated

d) Ordinarily not more than three days’ leave should be applied for

e) Leave application should be supported by a Medical Certificate (MC) in the following cases:

Illness lasting three days or more

Illness immediately BEFORE and AFTER the spring, summer and winter vacation

Illness on the days when any class test, terminal or annual examination is held

f) Long leave of absence (for five days or more) to attend marriage parties, etc., is not allowed

g) In case of sudden illness BEFORE or DURING a test or examination a student is required to submit his

application along with Medical Certificate (MC). Meanwhile applications received AFTER the test or

examination are not entertained

h) Name of student stands struck off the roles if he remains absent without leave for six consecutive working

College Uniform

Proper uniform for students in any education institution of repute is essential to inculcate self-discipline in

students. The College prescribes a simple functional uniform with the following specifications:

Shirt (Morning Shift)

White Shirt, full sleeve with collar; one straight

pocket without flap on the chest on left side

Shirt (Evening Shift)

Blue shirt, full sleeve with collar; one straight

pocket without flap on the chest on left side


Shoes(Black with laces, Round Shape Without any design)

(Chappals and Joggers of all types are not allowed)

Approved College Necktie

Pullover(Navy Blue, V-Neck Plain without pattern)

Blazer (Navy Blue with College Badge)


T hings to Remember

  • Jackets and joggers are not allowed
  • Use of chains in the wrist and around the neck or any other similar practice is forbidden
  • Uniform should be such tailored as to give modest look
  • Pressed uniforms and polished shoes are the pre-requisites of a smart turn out
  • Students are required to put on uniform on all functions arranged in the College and during the course of
  • examinations
  • Only decently trimmed hair-cut is allowed. Hair growing over and beyond the ears or touching the shirt collar
  • on the back is counted as violation and dealt with seriously. Parents may therefore please ensure compliance
  • of the same
  • Failure to comply with the regulations, pertaining to College uniform may render the defaulter liable to



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