At  IMCB  G-10/4,  we  vision  to  have  a  common  purpose  of  education  and  taking  care  of  our  pupils  at  the  highest  level;where  all  members  of  the  College  community  –  staff,  students  and  parents  feel  valued,  have  their  contribution recognised,  their  achievements  celebrated  and  consequently  they  may  nurture  a  feeling  of    pride  for  being associated  with  this  institution.  The  faculty  members  here  are  highly  motivated;  and  being  open  to  change  for  better and  development  for  good,  are  some  of  the  basic  professional  and  life  values  for  them.
Our aims are:
  • To  help  each  student  develop  a  lively  bearing  and  enquiring  mind;  and  by  doing  so,  realise  his  maximum potential  for  creating  a  niche  in  both  curricular  and  co-curricular  activities
  • To  enable  each  pupil  to  acquire  a  firm  foundation  of  knowledge,  acquiring  skills,  developing  understanding  and interest  that  maybe  useful  and  relevant  to  him  in  his  future  educational  endeavours
  • To teach, inspire and nurture moral values, developing tolerance towards those who hold different views than his  own,  an  understanding  of  inter-dependence  of  individuals  and  groups,  and  a  sense  of  personal  responsibility and  self-disciplining
  • To  provide  a  safe  and  stimulating,  well-managed  and  meaningful  environment  for  encouragement  of  learning
  • To  provide  equal  educational  opportunities  for  all  students of IMCB G-10/4

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