Academic Session

One full academic session of the College is divided into three terms with the following break down:

First Term April-June
Second Term August-December
Third Term January-March

ii. Besides this Monthly Tests/Class Tests are held regularly to monitor the academic progress of each student

iii. Send-up examination of the classes IX, X, XI and XII are held in the months of November/December respectively. Eligibility for sending admission to the FBISE is subject to the following conditions:
Minimum 75% attendance in each subject throughout the academic session Consistent satisfactory performance in all Class Tests/Terminal Examination.

iv. Use of unfair means in the examination is dealt with strictly. Penalty is imposed in accordance with the Rules

Open Day

For accomplishing the objective of co-orinating with the parents, the academic performance of students and for

adopting various remedial measures wherever required, Open Days are held at the end of 1 and 2 Terminal examinations. This is an exclusive occasion which facilitates meaningful dialogue between parents and teachers.Although parents are duly intimated about the date and timings of the Open Day well before time, however, to ensuremaximum participation, it is appreciated that parents, on their own.

Schedule of Vacation

Intervening breaks in the full length of the academic session are observed in accordance with uniform policy of FDE for Federal Government Educational Institutions (FGEIs).