Discipline Committee and Prefectorial Board

Discipline along with academics constitute s the hallmark of this College. Enforcement of strict discipline in our

young students, particularly in the present socio-economic set-up can hardly be over-emphasised. Alive to the

sensitivity of the issue, a Discipline Committee comprising senior and competent members of staff assisted by

several prefects from amongst the students has been constituted for ensuring desired standards of discipline in and

around the College premises. Prefects are selected for a One-Year tenure on the basis of over-all performance and

the best among them is nominated as “HEAD BOY”. Perfects, in addition to their routine duties, are authorised to

keep a watchful eye on the behaviour of fellow students in and outside the classrooms. Violation, when reported, is

thoroughly investigated and dealt with according to the merit of the case.

Tutorial Groups

Tutorial Groups have been constituted to explore talent among the students. Class Teachers of the respective classes

are appointed as Tutors of these Tutorial Groups. The Tutor maintains a cumulative record of the academic

performance, attendance, discipline, behaviour and the state of physical/mental health of each student in his/her