Principal’s Word


IMCB, G-10/4 is a place where your future begins- a future where we develop students into qualified, ideologically informed,socially aware, sensitive and responsible citizens with a passion to contribute in society’s moral and socioeconomic positive construction. We welcome you again to join IMCB, G-10/4 family , to explore and be inspired to help construct your personality and character .

  1. Muhammad Talha Shakil

    This school is truly marvelous, It enhances a child in every way. Even I after my 8 years of experience I have visited many colleges and schools but I must admit that there is no match at all. The school at one side and it’s staff at other, Both of them play a very supportive role. Just as we say we will never know the worth of sun day the night and of night without day. Such is an example of our respectable teachers. I must truly admit that not all of them are senior but every last teacher teaches as the best in the world*. Not only does it has a high quality of education but also it leads many co-curricular activities like the events held at Iqra University and Institute of Space technology (IST). I must admit that nothing is perfect but this school is truly remarkable & marvelous. And yet I have not seen much but this is the the only thing i must say is the nearest to PERFECT.

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